Complete L/C, SBLC Procedures

Note: Before applying to us LOI, ICPO & BCL, please contact us for our accepting formats (Draft files)
from our main office via

  • Buyer issues his LOI with the consecutive ICPO & BCL (RWA) to the Seller with Soft Probe permission.
  • Seller responds with his “FCO” (THIS Document) including the Text / Sample for the ”RWA LETTER” (that needs to be issued by the Buyer’s bank)
  • If Buyer accepts the Offer (as explained on the Seller’s FCO), Buyer just needs to SIGN AND SEALED IT and SEND IT BACK TO THE SELLER (as evidence of his “Official” acceptance anв willingness to proceed with THIS PARTICULAR DEAL). AT THE SAME TIME, the Buyer’s bank must issue their “RWA-LETTER”.
  • Seller´s Bank verifies compliance( with the Buyer´s bank) and if all is correct, issues the “Draft-Contract” and sends to the Buyer.
  • Buyer verifies, fills-outand returns the “Draft-Contract” (to the Seller) already SIGNED AND SEALED.
  • Seller verifies that the Contract has, indeed, been Approved, Signed and Sealed by the Buyer.
  • Buyer’s Bank issues the “PRE ADVISE” (of the Banking Payment-Instruments) and sends it, to the Seller’s bank via Swift) within 7 banking days.
  • In 5 banking days the Seller’s bank sends (to the Buyer’s bank) the “POP” via Swift. ( Origin Certificate, Product Export License, Export Document Authorization, Location and Product Availability, Refinery Producer Identification, Laboratory Analysis, Phytosanitary Certificate or any other relevant document )
  • In 3 banking days, Buyer’s Bank will issue the confirmed ”L/C”
  • After all highest stated, the Vessel Loading-Process starts and When it is completed (normally within 15-20 days) the Seller sends (via his bank) all the Export and Shipping Documents ( S.G.S. Inspection of Weight and Quality- Report, Bill of Lading, Insurance Certificate, Commercial Invoice, S.G.S. Product Property Certificate ).
  • Upon all above confirmations from both sides, shipment becomes operational as mutually agreed based on time-frame.


Page Group does not deal on Letter of Credit (L/C) on any first order. We only operate on 100% L/C at sight with existing buyers both domestic and overseas whom have previously import from us and have confirmed our products quality to avoid any discrepancy during L/C shipment which leads to Non-payments.