We invite you to cooperate with us as representatives and/or mandates. Everyone who sells food stuff commodities. This can be one-time collaboration and also partnership/mandates for the long term. The aim of the partnership program, the development of a partner network of our company and attract new customer in, Asian Region, USA, South America, Europe and CIS countries as well as African countries. The main principle of work with a partner:

Individual approach and sincere interest in the success of each project
*We offer our mandates/agents:

  • A quality product in demand on the market
  • Exclusive supply and payment of goods
  • Publish information about the mandates on our webpage news center
  • Special prices for exhibition product samples

Through our mandates, we are ready to consider any form of our cooperation. For a more detailed discussion for becoming a Page Group Mandates, you need to send an official mandate application letter with complete information about your company included. If you consider the candidacy of Po decision our company is considered to be promising in the future in the contract.

When you choose Page Group as your prime exporter/supplier; you get more than just an incomparably large and diverse product selection. You get a knowledgeable partner with unparalleled expertise in the exporting of international trade. Whether you’re a vendor or a customer, Page Group makes your life easier by handling the complexities of import/export and solving any problems quickly and efficiently. With our expert team handling all the details, you can focus on running your small business with peace of mind.


Customers who have entered into business with us are not only direct buyers or end users but also broker or a third party who finds our policy as favorable to join. We always appreciate and would like to welcome all valued opportunities which brokers / agents offer. On revert, broker / agent get their commission upon the mutual agreement between two parties.

Every transaction related to brokerage and commission will be specialized by Commission Agreement and information is kept secret/confidential